Ashley Craig is a worldwide trading company founded in England totaling more than 200 years of expertise in manufacturing and marketing and has a reputation for good quality and service.

Ashley Craig Pet Products, "designs all" and manufactures over 95% of the products it sells, therefore making all the product line unique to Ashley Craig Pet Products Inc.

It prides itself in making the product right for your needs.  All our products are made in the United Kingdom, United States or West Germany.

Ashley Craig Pet Products, Greyhound Combs, Greyhound Brush, PooLoo, Greyhound Comb
Some of these items include the famous Greyhound Comb.   Greyhound Combs come in a variety of specifications to meet every need. To distinguish these combs from similar products on the market we have enhanced the combs by giving them a brightly colored "anti static" coating. The coating also makes the comb glide smoothly through the coat in addition to taking care of mats and knots.

Each Greyhound Comb is still handmade in England by 3 generations of the same family from 1920 to 2020 spanning 100 years this year. It is the only handmade comb on the market today and is not mass produced.   Originally the comb was made solely for the textile industry located in the Midlands England and Roubaix, France which is on the border with Belgium. They were produced for carding the raw wool to produce fabric. Made in England, then exported  to Belgium, that is why you may have seen Belgium engraved on all of the combs some years ago. The factory still  manufactures a large variety of combs for the textile industry until quite recently.

Ashley Craig Pet Products, Greyhound Combs, Greyhound Brush, PooLoo, Greyhound Comb
The comb disappeared off of the market for some time until Ashley Craig located the old factory in Sheffield that used to produce it. This is why you are now enjoying well made and highly sought after Greyhound Combs again. To bring these into the 21st century  there are now many comb styles to choose from to suit all of your everyday and specialied grooming. Now coated with an "anti static finish and which come in a variety of colors and finishes.  The coating will not come off like some other combs on the market.  We are so confident in our quality each comb carries a 6 month warranty against 'manufacturers defects'.
Ashley Craig Pet Products, Greyhound Combs, Greyhound Brush, PooLoo, Greyhound Comb The Greyhound Comb is made of top quality  products with  pins that cannot bend or fall out, a process that has never changed. Each Greyhound Comb is handmade, pin by pin and polished by hand. For the final finish the combs are then nickel plated, in the famous Sheffield, England, then shipped to the United States where they gain their final coating and engraving. Once again this is done by hand. This is what makes our combs a step above others. Your Greyhound Comb passes through no less than eleven sets of hands before reaching you. We are the only factory making combs with these materials and we do not make for other companies under private label. The pins are custom made to our specs and are unique to the Ashley Craig Combs. Only the combs carrying the Greyhound logo below are true Greyhound combs.

We were proud to announce the arrival in the winter of 2005 the Greyhound Brush. Each Brush has been ergonomically designed to our own specification for your comfort. With its recognizable Black and Silver finish each Greyhound Brush lives up to the Ashley Craig reputation of design and quality. Both Greyhound and Animal Impressions Brushes are made to the same specification in West Germany in the heart of the Black Forest from locally seasoned wood. Animal Impressions Brushes are finished naturally with a satin finish allowing for the fine laser engraving artwork.  We are adding new innovative quality products all the time to meet your everyday grooming needs.  We hope that you will continue to enjoy them for years to come. Since their arrival, compliments have been pouring in.

With the high demand for our top quality products we were asked to produce scissors which led in 2006 to the birth of Onyx Shears.  This naturally expanded to include our wonderful Greyhound Stripping Tools.  

In 2010 we stepped up to produce our first shampoo line Panagenics now included as part of our Essentials range for textured breeds.  By further demand for other types of shampoo that was needed, we listened to groomers from every corner and Show Salon Spa was now available to the world.  As an extension of Show Salon Spa, we created WOW finishing line for that extra sparkle !  All lines are Paraban and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free and are all  Hypo-Allergenic.

The need for the best quality tools and  products will always continue, and so does our story. 

To be continued, sometime in the future  . . . . . .

Ashley Craig Pet Products, Greyhound Combs, Greyhound Brush, PooLoo, Greyhound Comb


"The brush has lasted longer than any brush I have ever owned". Claims top Old English Sheepdog Owner Handler in Southern California.

Used correctly, "it will not break coat", says English Springer Spaniel Breeder in Maine and well known English Setter and Gordon Setter Show Champions owners

"Pins do not come out". "The pad is wonderful - not too hard" Is a common statement heard at the Greyhound booth at dog shows

MANY POODLE OWNERS "This pad does not rip out coat like other brushes I have tried"

"I stole a friends brush". We cannot say who said that !

"My handler came back from California with your brushes I must have them !" claims a Beardie owner in Chicago

Most important the dogs love them the pins are all rounded and will not scratch or hurt the skin. 

Our brushes are also available with a natural wood finish in our Animal Impressions range with the breed of your choice engraved on the back.  These are very popular and a very useful  prize as trophies at Specialties.

Our Designer

We here at Ashley Craig searched for months to find an artist as passionate about our work as we are, and capable of anything you ask of us. We found her. Wendy is a self taught graphic designer and freelance artist, with experience including such clients as Yamaha, Skidoo, Bombardier, magazine design for Canine Chronicle, Show Site, Dogs in Canada, Dogs USA, Chow Life, Pomreader, Champions and many more.

Wendy brings to Ashley Craig a resource for everything from portraits, vector artwork, business cards, magazines, seasonal cards, paintings, logos and photo editing. 

Actively involved in showing her dogs, she is well versed in many breeds of dog, and very capable of incorporating YOUR idea, into something that we can use on our products!

To view samples of what Ashley Craig can offer you view our designer's page.

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Our trophies are semi-custom to your specifications, and laser finished in our USA factory.  These have proven to be popular with Dog, Horse, and Cat Fanciers in the USA & Canada.  Ashley Craig is working with you to achieve the ultimate prize. As we are close to the show world, we will make what you are really looking for.


Ashley Craig are also designing and manufacturing custom templates and rulers.  We are able to cut and/or Engrave any acryllic shapes.   Our graphic design department can assist with your design.

Ashley Craig Pet Products, Greyhound Combs, Greyhound Brush, PooLoo, Greyhound Comb Ashley Craig hopes that you enjoy browsing their website and using their  products for many years to come.

If you need any advice or suggestions with our range of products do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be happy to assist you.

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